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$5 Gold Indians Highlight Kagin's ANA Sale

March 5, 2018

     Kagin’s is conducting the official auction at the ANA National Money Show in Irving, Texas this week with a wide ranging selection of numismatic coins. Highlighted are two coins from the $5 Gold Indian series. The rarest date of the series, a 1909 O in PCGS MS62 is up for auction; there are 58 coins certified in this grade and only 35 coins grading higher, the highest being MS66. The current Market value of the 1909 O $5 Gold Indian in MS62 is $51,250.

1909 O $5 Gold Indian PCGS MS62

1909 O $5 Gold Indian PCGS MS62 is available at the Kagin’s Auctions ANA National Money Show Sale in Irving, Texas, March 8-10, 2018

     Also available is a 1929 $5 Gold Indian in PCGS MS64, a date with an original mintage of 662,000 coins, most of which were melted due to the depression. There are 178 coins certified in MS64 with 31 coins higher, MS65 being the highest. The current Market value of the 1929 $5 Gold Indian in MS64 is $47,250. This auction also includes encased postage, paper money, patterns, and colonials; contact Kagin’s to obtain one of their catalogues for this sale.

     Gold has been trending down the last couple of weeks, now at $1,319 in morning trading; Silver is at $16.40. This puts one ounce Proof Gold Eagles at $1,350 in OGP and Proof Silver Eagles in the $38-$39 range wholesale. Ninety percent silver bags are now at $11,490 and circulated Silver Dollars are $22,025 for a bag of VG and better.

     The Seated Liberty Half Dollars chart contains hundreds of adjustments this week, some are down, but many are higher due to recent activity in this popular series. Several advances are in grades that seem to be undervalued compared to the next higher grade. When the price of the higher grade is nearly double the lower grade, buyers will consider a resubmission for an upgrade; the potential reward outweighs the risk. Listed are just a few examples of Seated Liberty Half Dollars advancing this week.

DateGradeNew Market
1841 O Seated HalfMS62$1,675
1843 O Seated HalfMS63$2,575
1845 O Seated HalfMS63$2,375
1851 O Seated HalfMS64$3,150
1859 O Seated HalfMS64$2,375
1861 S Seated HalfMS65$11,500
1875 CC Seated HalfMS64$4,250

     Further advances can be found in Barber Half Dollars. The better dates that have moved downward in the last couple of years are now attracting buyers. The 1893 S in MS63 is up this week to $3,650, with just 39 coins certified in this grade and 43 in higher grades. The 1895 S in MS65 is also higher at $4,625; this is a very tough date in higher grades with 19 in MS65 and only 15 grading higher. There have been many adjustments in this series over the last few weeks.

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