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Dealers Discounting Average Coins

November 14, 2016

     The metals have dropped precipitously over the last week in the wake of the Presidential election. This means lower than expected prices on all bullion related coins seemingly creating buying opportunities for collectors and investors. Currently Gold is around $1,212 and Silver is at $16.70; Platinum, which had been performing a little better, is down to $921. Proof Gold Eagles in the OGP are down to $1,435 for one ounce coins and Proof Silver Eagles are steady at $49 each. Ninety percent Silver bags are trading at $12,570 and circulated Silver Dollars are active at $24,275 per bag of one thousand.

     With the metals weakening it is difficult to find positives in the market. However, recent auctions indicate that there are still many active buyers looking for rare coins, which is leading to some increasing prices and many are substantial. The 1852 O $10 Gold is an extremely rare coin with just three coins certified in Mint State; the highest is MS61. There are only 184 coins certified in all circulated grades. With the recent auction sale, the MS60 Market price has jumped to $28,500; this is an increase of over 70%. The adjustment was significant because this rare coin had not been on the market for many years.

1852 O $10 Gold MS60 PCGS

1852 O $10 Gold MS60 PCGS sold for $111,625 at the Stack’s Bowers Galleries Rarities Night Auction in Baltimore, Maryland, November 2-4, 2016

     It is not just in the higher grades that we have seen advances. The 1876 and 1879 O $10 Gold in VF both advanced due to auction results, increasing over 50% to $4,550 and $3,250, respectively. Again, these are dates that do not trade very often and recent sales can have a major impact on values. It also shows that rarities can be found even if the grades are not the finest known. The 1876 had an original mintage of 732 and the 1879 O was 1,500.

     We continue to see discounting in most series, especially where coins are plentiful in inventory. Some dealers are offering severe discounts just to reduce their inventory and raise cash. In this week’s Moderns Wholesale Market Dealer Price Guide there are numerous declines in almost all series. Even though Registry collectors are still in the market for the finest known coins in a specific series, the lesser grade coins are rather stagnant at current levels. Thus, where coins are being offered at discounts, prices are drifting lower, and even more so when the discounted coins go unsold.

     Early Washington Quarters are seeing some discounting with the 1932 D in MS63 and MS65 lower this week; the Market prices are $1,275 and $9,450, respectively. Keep in mind that Market prices for the highest graded Washington Quarters are good for brilliant coins or superbly toned coins; average coins for the grade are a tougher sell.

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