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Long Beach Follows Long Labor Day Weekend

August 29, 2016

     With Labor Day coming and the metals mediocre at best it looks like we are in for a quiet week in the coin business. However, the Long Beach Expo follows the holiday, beginning for dealers on Wednesday, September 7th and running through Saturday the 10th.

     Heritage Auctions will be hosting the official sale for this Long Beach show. Included in this auction is the Jon Alan Boka Collection of 1794 Large Cents. There are a total of 58 coins in this portion of the sale and specialists are sure to be mesmerized by the depth and rarity of many of these coins.

     While all of the 1794 Large Cents are extraordinary, there are two that stand out to many collectors. The 1794 Head of 1794, S-37, is certified by PCGS as VF20. This is the third finest of 19 known examples and should attract some substantial bidding activity. The 1794 Head of 1794 Starred Reverse is a PCGS VF35, and not only is it the fifth finest known, it is the actual Discovery Coin. This will surely be the center piece of a major collection of Large Cents.

1794 Head of 1794 Starred Reverse PCGS VF35

1794 Head of 1794 Starred Reverse PCGS VF35 is available at the Heritage Auctions Long Beach U.S. Coins Signature Sale in Long Beach, California, September 7-11, 2016

     The following list contains some of the many potential highlights from the Heritage Auctions Sale.

1909 S VDB Lincoln CentPCGS MS67 Red$76,500
1927 D Buffalo NickelPCGS MS66$18,500
1918/7 S Standing Liberty QuarterNGC MS62$20,000
1795 Flowing Hair Dollar Three LeavesPCGS MS61$58,500
1800 Draped Bust DollarPCGS MS62$32,500
1889 CC Morgan DollarPCGS MS61 DMPL CAC$29,500
1873 S $2 ½ GoldPCGS MS65N/A
1812 Capped Bust $5 GoldPCGS MS64+ CAC$35,500
1910 D $5 Gold IndianPCGS MS66 CAC$48,500
1870 CC $10 GoldPCGS VG10$15,965
1861 O $20 GoldNGC AU53$52,500
1879 O $20 GoldPCGS VF35$37,422

     In this week’s LD Wholesale Market Dealer Price Guide there is a continuation of discounted Market prices for coins in most series. Even though prices are lower in many cases, some dealers are taking advantage of the lower levels to stock up on coins with good eye appeal and various dates that are difficult to locate when the market is a little stronger. Despite the majority of declines across the charts, there are still numerous advances for coins that have low pops and that are typically in strong collector demand.

     While Half Cents and Large Cents do show some lower prices, this is still a highly active collector market and buyers are always looking for certain dates. The 1804 Half Cent Plain 4 Stemless in MS63 Brown is higher this week at $2,325 Market and the 1836 in PR66 Brown is up to $17,750. In Large Cents, the 1795 Plain Edge in MS62 Brown moved higher at $12,250 Market and the 1818 in MS65 Brown climbed to $1,475. Check out our online Market prices for all the changes over the last few weeks.

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