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Upcoming ANA Highlighted by Two Major Auctions

July 25, 2016

     Even while scores of dealers are headed to St Louis for the Missouri Numismatic Society Show this week, many are looking ahead to the ANA that is just a couple of weeks away. The nation’s top dealers are preparing for their visit to Anaheim, California on August 9-13 for the World’s Fair of Money. This ANA event is such a large undertaking that buyers will be treated to two official auctions. Heritage Auctions and Stack’s Bowers Galleries will host the two featured sales and we will list some of the many highlights over the next two weeks.

     This week we will concentrate on the Heritage Auctions sale. Morgan Silver Dollars are always a prime target of collectors at any major show and Heritage has a long list of gem Dollars in this sale. There will be nearly 50 coins available that are certified in higher grades by PCGS and NGC, but many specialists will be focused on the 1892 S Morgan Dollar in PCGS MS62 CAC. It is currently listed at $44,500 Market and is sure to reach a premium bid. There is also a long list of 1907 $20 Gold Saint Gaudens in High Relief to choose from in Grades MS63 through MS66+. Below is a long list of some other potential highlights from the Heritage Auctions Official ANA Sale.

1892 S Morgan Dollar PCGS MS62 CAC

1892 S Morgan Dollar in PCGS MS62 CAC is available at the Heritage Auctions ANA World’s Fair of Money U.S. Coins Signature Sale in Anaheim, California, July 10-14, 2016

1909 S VDB Lincoln CentPCGS MS67 Red$76,500
1909 VDB Lincoln CentPCGS PR66 Red$43,500
1880 Shield NickelPCGS MS63$12,250
1937 D Buffalo Nickel 3 LeggedPCGS MS65 CAC$25,750
1916 Buffalo NickelPCGS PR68$22,500
1794 Flowing Hair Half DimePCGS MS65+ CAC$62,750
1838 O Half Dime No StarsPCGS MS66+ CAC$41,500
1800 Bust DimePCGS MS64$46,500
1865 S Seated DimeNGC MS64$15,850
1796 Draped Bust QuarterPCGS AU55$51,250
1822 Bust Quarter 25 over 50CNGC VF35$13,013
1850 O Seated QuarterNGC MS66$25,000
1855 O Seated Quarter with ArrowsNGC MS67 CAC$62,500
1918/7 S Standing Liberty QuarterNGC MS67$210,000
1926 D Standing Liberty QuarterPCGS MS67 FH$88,500
1796 Draped Bust Half 16 StarsPCGS VF25 CAC$81,890
1839 Seated Half No DraperyNGC MS64+ CAC$39,500
1856 S Seated Half PCGS MS64N/A
1918 S Walking Liberty HalfPCGS MS66$47,500
1921 S Walking Liberty HalfPCGS MS64 CAC$37,750
1795 Flowing Hair Dollar Two LeavesNGC MS61$63,500
1863 Seated DollarPCGS MS65$55,500
1796 $2 ½ Gold No StarsPCGS AU53$115,000
1808 $2 ½ Gold Capped BustPCGS AU53+$87,500
1879 $4 Gold Flowing HairPCGS PR67$240,000
1880 $4 Gold Flowing HairNGC PR65$360,000
1803/2 $5 Gold Heraldic EaglePCGS MS64$49,500
1911 $5 Gold IndianNGC PR67$69,500
1797 $10 Gold Small EaglePCGS MS61$185,000
1890 $10 GoldPCGS MS65N/A
1907 $10 Gold Indian Wire RimPCGS, NGC MS65 (2)$64,500
1907 $10 Gold Indian Rolled RimNGC MS66+ *$250,000
1869 $20 GoldPCGS MS64+$58,500
1881 $20 GoldPCGS MS60$85,000
1920 S $20 Gold Saint GaudensPCGS MS63$80,500
1921 $20 Gold Saint GaudensPCGS MS63$172,500
1931 $20 Gold Saint GaudensPCGS MS65$84,500

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