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Lower Prices Attracting Bargain Hunters

January 25, 2016

     The bullion market remains the main focus of most dealers as today’s coin buyers are putting most of their excess cash into low premium Gold and Silver coins. The U.S. Mint continues to run out of or low on their weekly allocation of Gold and Silver Eagles and the Teletypes are constantly abuzz with messages trying to buy or sell any and all of the modern bullion products. Gold is back above the $1,100 mark, at $1,107.50 this morning, and Silver is up to $14.29. The one ounce Proof Gold Eagles are trading at $1,342 and Proof Silver Eagles are at $46-$47.

     Silver Dollars in all grades continue to be aggressively sought after by dealers as well as retail buyers. Bags of VG Silver Dollars are currently wholesaling at $23,275. While common date BU Morgan Dollars have fallen in the last few weeks, there are still plenty of buyers taking advantage of the lower prices. MS63 common dates are trading at $48-$49 wholesale and the MS64’s have a very tight spread of $60-$63. MS65 Morgans have a wide range depending on their eye appeal; low-end for the grade runs $120-$125, while sight-seen brilliant coins will bring $140-$150.

     Over the last several weeks the trend in the coin market has been toward lower levels for some series. There are some exceptions for specific coins that dealers may need for customers, however, the number of dealers willing to sell coins from most series appears to be on the rise. This is a great time for buyers looking for bargains. Besides, where else would you put your money other than rare coins and bullion? Below is a list of some better date coins that have fallen lately and could become targets for acquisition if the quality fits the potential selling price.

1886 Indian Cent TIIPR64 Red$2,450-21.6%
1951 S Franklin Half DollarMS67 FBL$16,500-20.48%
1895 S $5 GoldMS66$31,500-20.25%
1953 S Franklin Half DollarMS65 FBL$18,500-17.78%
1880 O Morgan DollarMS65$15,500-16.22%
1907 S $20 GoldMS65$16,250-15.58%
1875 $20 GoldMS63$7,125-13.90%
1915 $10 Gold IndianMS64$2,350-13.76%
1872 CC Seated DollarMS60$20,500-13.68%

     This week’s Moderns Wholesale Market Dealer Price Guide contains a multitude of changes as buyers and sellers are trying to balance their inventories. Even though much of the information is lower, we are still finding sales at the current levels. This is much better than when a market stalls and there are no buyers at any price. The Registry buyers continue to look for the highest graded coin within a series and are very competitive when there are few if any coins available.

     However, some of the PR70 Jefferson Nickels and Kennedy Halves have seen an increase in the number of coins certified in these ultimate grades and the increased populations have created some lower Market prices. For example, most of the Jefferson Nickels dates from 1975 S to 1987 S are lower this week with the 1975 S down to $1,850 Market and the 1986 S lower at $1,050. In the Kennedy Half series, many of the dates from 1974 to 1989 are lower in PR70 Deep Cameo. The 1981 S TII is down to $1,850, about a 6% drop in the last few weeks.

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Current News and Analysis of the U.S.
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