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Modern Gold Recuperating from Previous Losses

October 20, 2014

     The top coins in this week’s NumisMedia 500 consists of a well-rounded group from various series including Modern Eagles, Prooflike Morgan Dollars, Peace Dollars, Walking Liberty Half Dollars, Classic U.S. Gold, among others. Below is a list of some of the top gainers over the last thirty days.


2000 Platinum $10MS70$40025%
1997 Platinum $10MS70$1,25025%
1927 D Peace DollarMS61$20017.65%
1879 O Morgan DollarMS60 P/L$11017.02%
1885 S $20 GoldMS65$35,00016.67%
1966 Kennedy Half Dollar SMSMS67 Deep Cameo$1,77516.39%
1936 Walking Liberty Half DollarMS68$6,25016.28%
1953 S Franklin Half Dollar MS63 FBL$1,32515.22%
1897 S Morgan DollarMS62 P/L$11014.58%

     With only three coins total certified in MS65, the 1885 S $20 Gold is showing great progress over the last few years. The graph below shows the beginning of the year in 2012 with a Market of $21,250. It is currently at $35,000 and appears to be headed much higher as buyers examine its true rarity. Keep in mind there are none graded higher than the three MS65’s and only 44 certified in MS64.

$20 Gold 1885 S MS63-MS65

     In this week’s Moderns Wholesale Market Dealer Price Guide you will notice numerous adjustments in many series. While there are lots of declines for MS66 & MS67 coins in Modern Lincoln Cents, there are still plenty of advancements for dates that are the highest certified or nearly so. When supplies are thin and demand is on the rise, these specific dates will attract higher levels. The 1936 S Red in MS66 is up to $135 Market, the 1946 Red in MS67 is now at $875, and the 1950 S Red in the same grade is higher at $280. Some of the coins that show increases do have coins certified in higher grades but they are usually at substantially higher price levels. For example, the 1950 S in MS68 Red is at a Market price of $3,000; the MS67 at $280 seems like a bargain in comparison.

     The U.S. Gold charts are covered with increases this week with gold bullion having jumped well over $40 in the last couple of weeks. Common date MS69 $50 Gold Eagles are wholesaling at $1,285 and common date $5 Gold and $10 Gold Commems are listed at $320 and $625, respectively. Modern Buffalo Gold remains fairly strong in the 70 grades, but the premiums for MS69 and lower have been reduced somewhat. Common MS69’s are now listed at $1,280.

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Current News and Analysis of the U.S.
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