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Heritage Auctions and Central States Highlight of Week

April 21, 2014

Heritage Auctions hosts the 2014 CSNS US Coin Signature Auction

Heritage Auctions is hosting the 2014 CSNS US Coin Signature Auction in Chicago,áApril 23-27

áááááCentral States is the focus for the coming week and, judging by the metals this morning, buyers will be able to do some bargain hunting. Gold is down about $40 since last Monday which has directly led to one ounce Gold Eagles discounted the same amount. Proof $50 Gold Eagles are currently trading at $1,520 wholesale in OGP. Along with demand for the usual metals, buyers will be looking for any and all U.S. Gold, especially better to rare dates. There has not been a slowdown in demand for Type I & II Twenties with advanced buyers searching for Carson City and New Orleans dated coins. Heritage Auctions hosts the CSNS US Coin Signature Auction which includes numerous rarities. Below is a list of the potential highlights of this sale.

Date/DenominationGradeCurrent Market
1793 Wreath Cent Vine & BarsPCGS MS65 BN$175,000
1846 Seated DollarNGC MS65+ CAC$74,500
1893 S Morgan DollarNGC MS65$435,000
1821 $5 GoldNGC AU55$92,500
1798/7 $10 Gold 9x4 StarsPCGS MS62$135,000
1854 O $20 GoldPCGS AU55$440,000
1861 S $20 Gold PaquetPCGS AU58$200,000
1870 CC $20 GoldPCGS AU50$325,000
1915 S $50 Gold Pan-Pac OctagonalNGC MS67$240,000

áááááAnother series that is attracting buyers, and has been for several months, is Silver Dollars. Both Morgan and Peace Dollars have seen a rash of increases with many in MS63 and higher grades. The following list shows some of the advances in the Market price over the last few weeks.

DateGradeCurrent Market
1878 CC MorganMS66$4,325
1879 O MorganMS65$3,225
1883 S MorganMS63$2,375
1884 S MorganMS63$43,750
1886 O MorganMS64$10,850
1888 S MorganMS65$2,550
1889 S MorganMS66$4,250
1892 CC MorganMS65$8,450
1893 MorganMS65$5,725
1895 S MorganMS64$8,650
1904 S MorganMS65$8,750
1921 PeaceMS65$1,850
1926 D PeaceMS66$2,075
1928 S PeaceMS64$1,125
1934 D PeaceMS65$1,400
1934 S PeaceMS63$3,375

áááááIn this week's LD Wholesale Market Dealer Price Guide the majority of changes occurred in the Lincoln Cents chart. This remains a very popular series and buyers want nice coins for the grade and will pay premiums for coins that do not have unattractive spots. The 1911 S in MS64 Brown increased to $280 Market this week. The 1912 and 1913 in MS65 Red both climbed; the 1912 is now $380 and the 1913 is $440. The 1915 in MS65 Red also jumped to a higher $700.

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