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Dealers Anxious for New Year at FUN

January 6, 2014

2014 January 8-12 FUN Show U.S. Coin Signature Auction in Orlando

2014 January 8-12 FUN Show U.S. Coin Signature Auction in Orlando

áááááThe FUN Show begins later this week but dealers will arrive early in Orlando to set up appointments with other dealers to trade among themselves. This is a great opportunity to buy and sell in a more private setting and accomplish specific goals just prior to the hectic pace of the FUN bourse. Dealers expect FUN to be very good this year and hope the metals provide the business with a jumpstart. So far, so good; the metals have been on the rise over the last several trading days. Gold is currently selling at $1,241.50 and Silver is at $20.20. Proof one ounce Gold Eagles are currently selling wholesale at $1,468 and one ounce Silver Eagles are $52. While Silver is up slightly, the weakness it showed over the last quarter caused premiums to drop somewhat. Thousand dollar 90% Silver bags are now at $15,150 wholesale and VG Silver Dollars are $23,850 per one thousand.

ááááMuch of the excitement at the FUN Show will be centered on the Heritage Galleries FUN Auction. The 1913 Liberty Head Nickel is always an attraction and this one is an NGC PR64 with a CAC sticker. This sale also includes an extremely rare 1927 D $20 Saint Gaudens in NGC MS66. To top off the sale, there is a 1787 Brasher Doubloon. Not just any Brasher, but an MS63 certified by NGC and CAC. This coin is sure to have the national media out in force to see the results of this finest certified Brasher Doubloon. There are many more outstanding coins in this monumental sale and we will have much to update over the next few weeks. Highlights will be reported next week. In the meantime, you can view the auction lots at Heritage Galleries.

ááááThe past few weeks have been rather quiet when it comes to adjustments for rare coins. The majority of prices are stable at current levels with most dealers looking for very specific coins for their clients. One area that appears to be in constant demand is better date U.S. Gold in all grades. If it has a small original mintage and/or a low population, dealers will pursue. For example, the 1875 CC $20 Gold is generally an easy coin to sell because of the Carson City mystique. However, when you consider the MS63 coin, there are just 51 coins certified by PCGS and NGC combined, the Market price of $29,500 appears to be reasonable to most dealers who make a market in this coin. This coin really jumps in value in the next grade of MS64 at $54,500 and there are only two coins certified with none higher. This type of scenario causes buyers to look for those coins that have the potential to be upgraded from one grade to the next; this is how many dealers will spend their time at FUN, looking for coins with this type of potential.

ááááListed below are a few of the top gainers over the last 30 days as taken from the NumisMedia 500.

Date/DenominationGradeCurrent Market% Increase
1906 O $10 GoldMS64$5,12517.82%
1921 D Morgan DollarMS63 DMPL$1,22513.95%
1874 CC $5 GoldF12$1,05013.51%
1882 CC $20 GoldAU53$3,62511.54%
1877 CC Trade DollarAU55$1,05010.53%
1939 Lincoln CentPR67 Red$1,32510.42%

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