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NumisMedia Weekly Market Report

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Rarities Elusive to Most Buyers

October 21, 2013

NumisMedia 500, which tracks market price changes from the past 30 days and year to date, reveals both increases (top 500) and decreases (bottom 500), ranked by percentage change

NumisMedia 500 - Market price changes from the Past 30 Days and Year to Date updated weekly.

     Since the Chicago ANA in early August, most of the price changes we have reported have been advances, especially in series that date prior to 1930. In fact, dealers and collectors have been concentrating on earlier dates for quite some time, and many of the increasing prices this year have been remarkable.

     The NumisMedia 500, which tracks market price changes from the past 30 days and year to date, reveals both increases (top 500) and decreases (bottom 500), ranked by percentage change. Many of the year to date adjustments have been dramatic price increases with over 440 separate issues gaining at least 25%. The following list shows some of the coins that have made very solid increases since January.

Date/DenominationGradeJanuary MarketCurrent Market
1894 S Barber DimePR64$950,000$1,400,000
1876 CC Twenty CentMS63$165,000$240,000
1859 O Seated QuarterMS65$7,975$13,000
1871 S Seated QuarterXF40$1,350$2,225
1839 O Bust HalfXF40$950$1,450
1876 CC Seated HalfMS65$4,650$7,950
1884 S Morgan DollarMS60$4,350$6,350
1875 $5 GoldAU53$42,500$62,500
1838 $10 GoldAU58$15,750$28,750
1880 S $20 GoldMS63$17,500$26,500

     Some of these coins are extreme rarities that show up in the market very infrequently; the majority of cases only one buyer is rewarded. Some of the others listed in the NumisMedia 500 appear in the market somewhat regularly. There are many other dates that show like results. A little research into price by grade and population will certainly reward the enthusiast for the time spent.

     In the last week alone, we have seen numerous changes to the HD Wholesale Market Dealer Price Guide. Beginning with Early Halves, there are increases for the 1794 Flowing Hair in Fine and Very Fine; now at $10,350 Market and $21,750, respectively. In the Bust Half chart, there are several increases for Mint State coins including the 1822 in MS63, now listed at $2,600, the 1823 in MS64 at $3,750, and the 1831 in MS64 at the current Market of $2,950.

     Seated Half Dollars are showing a lot of activity including the lower circulated grades. From Fine to AU50 there are numerous advances for dates 1840 through 1890. For example the 1840 O in XF is now listed at a higher $250 as is the 1841 O in the same grade. The 1852 in AU50 is up to $1,200 and the extremely rare 1878 S jumped in Fine and Very Fine to $41,500 and $47,500, respectively.

     Common dated U.S. Gold is mostly lower since the last issue printed. The $2 ˝ Indian is down in MS61, 62 and 64, while the $5 Liberty is lower in MS60, 63, and 64. The most actively traded $20 Liberties and $20 Saints are certainly lower in most grades from Fine through MS65. The MS63 $20 Liberty is listed at a lower $1,650 and the MS63 Saint is now at $1,480.

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