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November 5, 2012

U.S. Cameo Gold Energetic

     Once the Presidential election is decided the following weeks should determine how the coin market fares for the balance of the year. Ultimately, it may not matter to the coin business who wins the election because there is no better store of value than rare coins and metals in the current economy. This is an opinion shared by the majority of coin dealers around the country. In the meantime, the metals appear to have stabilized at current levels. Gold is currently at $1,681.20 and Silver is $30.98.

     In the past year we added Cameo and Ultra Cameo Proof U.S. Gold to the NumisMedia Price Guide. Since then we have monitored many new prices for these very popular coins. The following list shows some of the most recent coins we either added or adjusted higher with the current FMV.

1854 $3 Gold - PR63 Cameo - $80,630
1863 $3 Gold - PR65 Ultra Cameo - $74,750
1887 $3 Gold - PR65 Cameo - $41,880
1863 $5 Gold - PR63 Cameo - $54,380
1881 $5 Gold - PR64 Cameo - $34,380
1886 $5 Gold - PR65 Cameo - $49,380
1894 $5 Gold - PR66 Ultra Cameo - $70,630
1881 $20 Gold - PR65 Cameo - $158,130
1882 $20 Gold - PR65 Ultra Cameo - $193,750

     Dealers have reported sparse trading for modern coins this past month. In the Moderns Wholesale Market Dealer Price Guide, from modern Lincoln Cents through the Presidential Dollars, there are few changes in each series. However, Registry collectors are still quite active for the highest certified coins with low populations. Cameo and Ultra Cameo Roosevelt Dimes and Washington Quarters are in strong demand. The 1953 Dime jumped to $2,075 Market in PR69 Cameo and the 1959 Ultra Cameo PR69 advanced to $1,650. There are several Washington Quarters showing increases this week. The 1950 Cameo PR68 is up to $3,250, while the 1955 Ultra Cameo PR69 rose to $1,875.

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