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June 11, 2012

Erratic Bullion Bewilders Buyers

     The majority of dealers on the teletype networks are marketing bullion related coins, where most of their sales occur. As long as the bullion market is steady within the current range, it helps maintain the collector market for better date coins as well. However, average or common date coins after the 1940's are soft and require discounts if they are to change hands. Much of this material will usually sit in a dealer's inventory until there is some market movement to attract bargain hunters. With summer approaching it appears the direction bullion takes will determine how active dealers are until the Philadelphia ANA in August.

     While the market stresses Gold and Silver, Modern collector coins, Lincoln Cents through the Presidential Dollars, are rather quiet. While there is some demand, there is no need to overpay for the majority of these coins. The only ones that demand strong prices are the highest grades for the date and they have to be low pop coins. In this week's Moderns Wholesale Market Dealer Price Guide there are only a few specific changes to most charts. The 1972/72 Lincoln Cent is the hottest date with the MS64, 65, & 66 Red coins all higher this week. The MS66 is up to $955 Market. The key here is that these coins must be full Red and no spots for buyers to be interested. Early Proof Lincoln Cents are also reporting some adjustments with some higher; the PR65 RB 1916 is now at $4,425.

     There are very few changes in the charts for Ike, Anthony, Sacagawea, and Presidential Dollars. Many collectors have these sets completed and there are very few that attract aggressive bidding in auctions. The Modern Eagles are just about at the same level as they were in the last issue. The MS69 $50 Gold Eagle is now at $1,595 and the Ultra Cameo PR69 has dropped to $1,700. The 2009 UHR has dropped but remains very active; the MS69 is now listed at $2,400 and the MS70 is $3,100. Although Buffalo Gold continues to sell to collectors and investors, the premiums have dropped of late. The 2009 in MS70 has declined to $1,725 Market and the Ultra Cameo PR70 is down to $1,775.

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