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Current News and Analysis of the

United States Rare Coin Market

May 7, 2012

Small Denomination Type Solid at Current Levels

     Stagnant metals have slowed the overall coin market as is evidenced by results of most of the recent shows. Many buyers are taking a wait-and-see attitude before they commit more funds at this time. With summer approaching, the lack of activity for metals could make for a slow couple of months. The upcoming Long Beach Convention at the beginning of June should signal the next trend. Gold is currently at $1,637; Silver is $29.95. Contrary to the metals, VG Silver Dollars are very aggressively sought after by dealers and investors. They have maintained a strong price for at least the last six months. They currently wholesale at $27,150 for a bag of 1000.

     We are still updating prices as a result of the Heritage Sale at Central States. Along with new dealer price lists, this week's LD Wholesale Market Dealer Price Guide is spotted with advances as selective buyers are searching and acquiring specific coins for their collections. The Proof Indian Cent chart contains numerous increases with buyers looking for reasonably valued coins that do not make the Red designation. Buyers have concentrated on Red coins so much in the past that anything less has been ignored. The 1882 in PR67 Brown is higher at $1,450 Market. The 1886 TII is up to $3,000 in PR66 RB. Also advancing this week are the 1870 PR65 RB, 1884 PR66 RB, and the 1907 PR66 RB, among others.

     Despite some small declines, Two Cent and Three Cent coins appear to be solid at current levels. We are finding more activity in these series with buyers looking for specific dates and grades. Several Two Cents are up this week in MS64 and higher grades, including the 1864 Small Motto in MS65 RB & Red, 1865 MS66 Red, and the 1872 MS64 Brown. These are all very difficult coins to obtain in the listed grades. The Three Cent Silver series has been overlooked for quite a while, however they are beginning to show signs of strength. Several dealers think they are at a bottom and, if you can find nice coins, they are worth buying at present levels. This week the 1852 in MS65 is higher at $690 Market and the 1862/1 climbed to $600 in MS64. Also, the 1865 jumped to $2,875 in MS66.

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