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United States Rare Coin Market

January 30, 2012

$2˝ Gold Rarities in Demand

     The metals have been strong as we head into Long Beach week. Many dealers from around the country have been in town for a few days scouring local coin shops for deals. One of the hottest items on want lists is the $20 Saint in MS66. Several dealers have large orders to fill so everyone is trying to locate coins to sell to these strong buyers. We are currently showing a Market of $2,750, although a few buyers are willing to pay slightly more. If they have the CAC sticker, even higher premiums are being paid; as much as 25%.

     In this weeks' HD Wholesale Market Dealer Price Guide many adjustments have been reported in most series. These are a result of activity in the last month including the FUN Convention. Early Bust Halves are in demand with several trades creating higher Market prices. The 1795 Flowing Hair in MS61 is now at $41,500. The 1807 Heraldic Eagle Half jumped to $24,500 in MS64. The 1823 Broken 3 variety increased in several grades from AU53 to MS66. The MS66 is now up to $35,500 Market. The always popular and difficult to located 1836 Reeded Edge in MS63 moved up to $14,500. This is a very tough coin in any Mint State grade.

     Various rare date $2 ˝ Gold Liberties advanced this past month. Common dates do not attract the attention of collectors or investors as do the Twenties, however, the better dates are in demand. The following is a short list of rare dates showing higher Market prices.

1841 C ||MS62|$22,750
1846 C||MS64|$39,250
1848 CAL.|MS62|$87,500
1849 C||MS65|$70,000
1855 C||MS65|$85,000
1859 D||MS62|$36,750

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