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January 23, 2012

Market Showing Improvement

     Since the first of the year metal prices have been on the rise and demand has increased from a somewhat quiet December. Silver bags are now trading among dealers at $23,000 and Very Good Silver Dollars are $28,000 per thousand coin bag. Proof Silver Eagles with original boxes are $67 and Proof Gold Eagles are $1,750 per ounce. With the Long Beach Convention a little over a week away, it should be a good barometer of the overall market for the weeks to follow.

     Demand has been strong for low-pop rarities and, when these appear in major auctions, like the Heritage FUN Auction, you can be sure that there will be brisk bidding activity. If you look at this week's LD Wholesale Market Dealer Price Guide, you will find numerous changes to Large Cents. Several of the rare issues advanced in grades AU50 and higher. For example, the 1793 Wreath Cent, Vine and Bars, moved higher in most grades from AU50 through MS63. The MS62 is now listed at $47,500 and the MS63 is $54,500.

     Seated Coins, especially Dimes and Quarters are showing higher Market prices for the low-pop better dates. Buyers will be very aggressive when these coins become available and are problem free for the grade. The 1863 S Seated Dime in MS64 increased to $12,250 and the 1872 CC in XF jumped to $8,350. Collectors for Seated Quarters have been very lucky this month as numerous rare dates came to market. This week's chart has a long list of increases. The rare 1859 S is higher in all AU grades. The AU53 is now at $17,250 and the AU58 is $39,500. NGC has graded none in Mint State. The 1865 S is a date that is only occasionally encountered in Mint State. The MS62 and MS63 moved up this week to $3,850 and $4,450, respectively.

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