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NumisMedia Weekly Market Report

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United States Rare Coin Market

October 4, 2010

Market Momentum Accelerates for U.S. Gold

     The majority of dealers were satisfied with the recent Whitman Coin & Collectibles Expo in Philadelphia. Collector attendance was not as good as expected, but most dealers found success in dealer to dealer trading. With metals continued advance to higher levels, the few collectors in attendance were more than happy to buy bullion related coins. For most dealers it is all about turning over inventory as quickly as possible.

     In this week's HD Wholesale Market Dealer Price Guide, there are numerous advances in the Gold charts. These series spur the market and it is obvious that advanced collectors and investors are looking for better U. S. Gold by date, quality, or both. It is noteworthy that many rare date Gold coins do not trade very often, especially in the higher grades, but when they do, prices are typically at premiums. In addition, if a coin has not traded for many years, the new trading level is likely to be a record price. For example, the 1891 CC $10 Gold was previously unreported in MS65, and with the sale of the NGC coin in the Heritage Sale, we now have a Market price of $57,500. The 1851 O $20 Gold advanced to $43,500 in MS62 due to recent activity.

     Silver Commemoratives are a very active series. Most coins trade at Market or a little over for the scarcer dates. However, if the toning is not attractive, coins will trade at discounts of Market. This series is much more active than it was a year ago and prior, but it is all a matter of eye appeal. Gold Commemoratives are still showing discounts for many of the coins in MS64 and higher. We have not noticed any dealers trying to take a position in this series and until they do, prices could linger.

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