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May 10, 2010

Market Prices Advancing

áááááWe all know that the weak economy has pushed new investors into the coin market, especially for bullion related coins. Now it looks like many of these new buyers are beginning to purchase collector coins as well. The last few weeks we have seen an increase in Market prices for many coins within specific series. This week is no exception as advances appear throughout the HD Wholesale Market Dealer Price Guide. In addition, where we do see some declines, it is very encouraging that these coins are selling and establishing a solid base of prices.

áááááBust Half Dollars are showing more activity with plenty of increases this week. The 1812/1 Large 8 jumped to $19,500 Market price in AU53 and $25,500 in AU55. This is a very scarce coin and no doubt an easy seller when located. The 1815/2 moved higher in AU58 to $11,500 and $13,500 in MS60. Numerous other dates advanced, mostly in AU50 through MS62. Many of these coins had fallen a good 25% over the last year to relatively reasonable levels. Many advanced collectors are looking to take advantage of these lower prices.

áááááThe core collectible grades for Barber Halves, MS63 to MS65, have solidified at current levels. More dealers are attempting to add these coins to their inventories if they have good eye appeal. Common dates have increased to $640 Market in MS63 and $970 in MS64. There may not be many increases in the upper grades of Deep Mirror Prooflike Morgan Dollars, but there certainly is a lot more activity of late. This area faltered dramatically as interest waned in the last two years. However, advanced collectors are now back and trying to buy coins at current levels. This week's gold charts are covered with increases due mostly to bullion jumping over the $1,200 mark. Dealers are reporting a strong sales volume especially for $10 & $20 Gold.

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