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December 28, 2009

Have a Happy New Year and Healthy 2010

     The last two weeks of the year are normally very quiet and this year is no exception. Dealers (and collectors) are spending most of their time with their families. The dealer teletype systems have been very quiet this past week even though Gold bullion surged back over the $1,100 mark. The Proof Gold Eagles continue to fall as one-ounce coins in the original package are trading at a Market of $1,800 among dealers. In addition, the top buyers have not been participating for the last couple of weeks.

     The First Show starts in Orlando on January 3 and dealers will move right up the street to the FUN Show beginning on the sixth. The market appears to be firming compared to the first nine months of the year. This week's LD Wholesale Market Dealer Price Guide has an even mix of increases to decreases. The most significant changes appear in Lincoln Cents where there are several advanced Market prices for better date coins in MS65 and higher. The 1909 S VDB is up to $5,350 Market in MS65 Red and the 1911 S increased to $1,250 in MS66 RB. The 1909 VDB is weaker again in MS64 and MS65, both RB and Red. These had a strong run for the last two years.

     Three Cent Silver, both Mint State and Proof, appear to be a little soft at this time. There are several declines in MS65 and higher where trades have occurred recently. We also found minuses in PR65 & 66, although the PR63 & 64 common dates appear to be solid at current Market levels. Three Cent Nickels are also indicating weakness in various PR65, 66, & 67 dates. Shield and Liberty Nickels are generally steady with a few minor declines as the year ends. The better dates still attract buyers when the coins have above average eye appeal.

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