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United States Rare Coin Market

April 13, 2009

Retail Bullion Sales Steady

     The bulk of activity in the coin dealer community remains bullion related. For every competitive seller on the teletypes, there are plenty of buyers. That means if the coins are priced within the range of the current market, coins will sell, if not, they will sit in inventory. Most dealers will try to be very competitive as long as there is a steady flow of retail buyers. This week’s Moderns Wholesale Market Dealer Price Guide lists a multitude of changes for modern bullion coins. Many of the Gold coins are lower due to bullion falling below the $880 mark. Most of the Platinum coins are higher with bullion well over $1,200.

     The $20 2009 Ultra High Relief has dropped slightly because more coins are now on the market. We have seen the MS70 available for a little over $2,000 on a wholesale basis. The raw coins and MS69 grades range in price from $1,525 to $1,600. Once the prices of these coins settle down, they will be added to the NumisMedia online price guides.

     Washington Quarters continue to soften with many more sellers than buyers currently in the market. The Market price for the 1932 D & S both fell this week in MS63 to $2,175 and $765, respectively. Several other early issues have adjusted to lower Market prices in MS65 and MS66, including the 1936 D in MS66 which declined to $1,775. Early Proof Lincoln Cent prices remain very solid when they are offered for sale. Buyers are eager to acquire most of the dates prior to 1936. The Market price increased to $1,175 for the 1909 in PR65 RB and the 1909 VDB rose in PR63 and PR64. The 1911 jumped to $800 Market in PR64 Red.

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