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December 1, 2008

Market Softens as Year Winds Down

     In what has become a normal practice this time of year, many dealers have lowered their buy prices in most series as they prepare for the year end. This may not have much impact on the market unless there are an unusual number of sellers willing to discount their coins because they need to raise cash. We are monitoring some areas with declines, but they appear to be related to 20th century series more than earlier series. Typically the market picks up after the first of the year beginning with the FUN Convention.

     This week’s HD Wholesale Market Dealer Price Guide shows a host of declines in Walkers, mostly in dates after 1934 and grades of MS64 to MS66; the 1938 D in MS65 fell to $1,500 Market, down from the previous $1,525. Most of the common dates from 1942 to 1947 fell $5 - $10 in MS65. Many of the Franklins also fell in grades MS64 to MS66 this week. These are two series where dealer supplies are seriously rising while the demand is in a down cycle. Other series facing some discounting are Morgan and Peace Dollars. These are two series that always have buyers; however, the current market for MS64 to MS66 grades is down about 5% - 10%. This is the case for common issues but has spilled over into some better dates as well. Deep Mirror Prooflikes are also seeing some lower Market prices of late.

     Bust and Seated coins remain steady at current levels although there does not seem to be a lot of new material coming into the market. U.S. Gold is generally higher in the circulated grades as demand for generic coins is very strong. Buyers want the potential benefit of bullion and collector value for coins they are buying in today’s market. Common Saints are higher in every grade from Very Fine to MS65, while $20 Liberties are up in grades Very Fine to MS62. One notable increase was the 1866 S No Motto in AU53 jumped $2,000 to $45,500 Market.

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