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January 2018

A New Hope for 2018

     This past year was not a good one for coin prices; comparable to and perhaps worse than 2014, many coin values dropped precipitously and both buyers and sellers have lowered their expectations. But a new hope comes with the new year as the annual FUN Show has dealers and collectors alike anticipating a more positive 2018.

     Heritage Auctions is the exclusive auctioneer of the year’s first major convention and they have prepared a sale that should attract thousands of potential buyers, and with prices having fallen so much in the last few years, perhaps some potential bargains as well. Many of the countless rarities in this Fun Sale have not been available for several years, an opportunity for collectors to add some difficult dates to their already established collections.

     The nearly unique 1793 Liberty Cap Half Cent in PCGS MS65 Brown is available and should see some competitive bidding; it is catalogued as the second finest known behind a PCGS MS66. We currently have the FMV listed at $325,000, advancing nearly $120,000 in the last two years.

1793 Liberty Cap Half Cent PCGS MS65 Brown

1793 Liberty Cap Half Cent PCGS MS65 Brown sold for $240,000 at the Heritage Auctions FUN Show U.S. Coins Signature Sale in Tampa, Florida, January 3-8, 2018

     One of the many CAC approved coins in this sale, the 1838 O Reeded Edge Half Dollar is certified by PCGS as a Branch Mint PR63. The current FMV is listed at $656,250. This is one of only nine coins that can be traced to collections today from an original mintage of only 20 pieces, and the highest grade certified is PR64. The 1838 O is one of the rarest and most important dates in this series and could be a center piece in any collection.

1838 O Reeded Edge Half Dollar Branch Mint PR63 PCGS CAC

1838 O Reeded Edge Half Dollar 'Branch Mint' PR63 PCGS CAC sold for $444,000 at the Heritage Auctions FUN Show U.S. Coins Signature Sale in Tampa, Florida, January 3-8, 2018

     Another CAC approved coin, this one from the Walking Liberty Half Dollar series, the 1919 D in PCGS MS65 CAC has a current FMV of $156,000. There is one certified higher by PCGS at MS66 but this is the only one with the CAC sticker in MS65. This coin is totally original and comes from the Steven L. Duckor Collection. With so few coins available in this grade, the FMV has climbed almost $23,000 in the last two years.

1919 D Walking Liberty Half Dollar PCGS MS65 CAC

1919 D Walking Liberty Half Dollar PCGS MS65 CAC sold for $240,000 at the Heritage Auctions FUN Show U.S. Coins Signature Sale in Tampa, Florida, January 3-8, 2018

     In the $20 Gold series, the 1870 CC in PCGS XF45 is available and is always a very popular coin when it comes up in a major auction. This is the first Carson City Twenty minted date and has the smallest mintage of only 3,789. While there is no price listed for the XF45, the current FMV is $287,500 for the XF40 and $387,500 for the AU50. Recently, a well-known collector sold a PCGS AU50 in a private sale at a price believed to be around $350,000 and was sold immediately to another collector. In the last four years the FMV for this date in XF40 has increased about $20,000.

     The 1915 S Pan-Pac $50 Gold Octagonal in PCGS MS66+ is the finest certified at PCGS. The current FMV is $231,250, but since it is the only one with the + designation, it could easily top the $300,000 mark or higher. This grade had an FMV of only $125,000 back in early 2004.

     The list below shows just a few more of the many outstanding coins in the Heritage FUN Sale. Many of these coins are rare with extremely low pops; some are the finest known for the date. Please contact Heritage Auctions for an extensive list. The results from this sale should give us an indication of where the market is headed as we venture into a new year. A lot will certainly depend on how many competitive bidders there are for each of these rarities.

1793 Chain Cent AMERICAPCGS MS63 BN CAC$281,250
1943 Lincoln Cent BronzeNGC MS61 BN$300,000
1916 D Mercury DimePCGS MS67 FB$137,500
1942/1 Mercury DimePCGS MS66 FB CAC$83,130
1835 Bust QuarterPCGS PR65 Cameo CACN/A
1797 Draped Bust Half DollarPCGS VF30 CAC$95,566
1918 D Walking Liberty HalfPCGS MS66 CAC$63,050
1921 D Walking Liberty HalfPCGS MS66 CAC$59,480
1921 S Walking Liberty HalfPCGS MS65+ CAC$102,050
1795 Draped Bust DollarNGC SP62N/A
1893 S Morgan DollarPCGS MS61$150,000
1796 $2 ½ Gold No StarsPCGS XF45$108,630
1879 $4 Gold Stella Flowing HairNGC PR66* Ultra Cameo$315,630
1880 $4 Gold Stella Flowing HairNGC PR67 CameoN/A
1795 $5 Gold Heraldic EaglePCGS MS62+ CAC$162,500
1799 $10 Gold Heraldic EaglePCGS MS64$193,050
1856 O $20 Gold LibertyNGC AU50$393,750
1861 O $20 Gold LibertyPCGS MS60$162,500
1907 $20 Gold High Relief Flat RimPCGS MS67 CAC$149,500
1930 S $20 Gold Saint GaudensPCGS MS65$218,750
1931 D $20 Gold Saint GaudensPCGS MS66$235,630
1915 S $50 Gold Pan-Pac OctagonalNGC MS65$178,130

     As we go to press Gold has climbed above the $1,300 level. Gold began 2017 at $1,151, gaining about $150 on the year. Dealers are hopeful that higher metals will bode well for rare coins in 2018.

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