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January 2015

Rarities Ringing in the New Year

     With the metals market lacking any real energy and common collector coin demand declining due to the economy, most numismatists will want to forget this past year rather quickly. Many dealers reported having a very good year while countless others just managed to get through it. However, with the New Year comes the hope of a much stronger market. The FUN Show in Orlando will attract thousands of dealers and collectors as 2015 begins. The FUN Show Committee will surely once again make this a showcase event, and for many collectors it is typically their favorite and most successful show of the year.

     Heritage Auctions will host the Official FUN Auction and present a myriad of coins that collectors will find most interesting. The following list contains just a small portion of the many outstanding coins in this sale, along with the current FMV and the combined total PCGS and NGC population for the grade.

1793 Large Cent Chain AmericaPCGS MS66 BN CACN/A1
1864 Two Cent Small MottoPCGS PR66 Red$115,0501
1796 Draped Bust QuarterPCGS XF45$51,50019
1827/3 Bust Quarter OriginalPCGS PR63$150,0001
1916 Standing Liberty QuarterPCGS MS67 FH$123,1307
1874 CC Seated HalfPCGS MS64 CAC$58,1306
1852 Seated DollarPCGS MS63 CAC$73,1303
1870 S Seated DollarNGC XF40$762,5003
1884 S Morgan DollarPCGS MS64 CAC$128,13023
1796 $2 ½ Gold StarsNGC AU58$168,75012
1795 $5 Gold Small EagleNGC MS66*N/A1
1826 $5 GoldPCGS MS66 CAC$507,0002
1929 $5 Gold IndianPCGS MS64+ CAC$77,630181
1795 $10 Gold 13 LeavesNGC MS61$136,50031
1798/7 $10 Gold 9x4 StarsPCGS MS61$143,0008
1907 $10 Gold Indian Rolled EdgePCGS MS62 CAC$91,8803
1858 O $20 GoldNGC MS63N/A1
1867 $20 GoldPCGS PR64 DCam CAC$168,7501
1871 CC $20 GoldPCGS AU53 CAC$51,88039
1907 $20 Gold Ultra High ReliefPCGS PR68 $3,250,0007
1915 S $50 Gold Pan-Pac OctNGC MS67$312,5004

     What makes many of these coins more attractive to potential buyers is the fact that they have very few, if any, coins grading higher. For example, the 1907 $20 Gold Saint Gaudens Ultra High Relief Inverted Edge Letters with “ASG” on the edge shows only 13 coins total certified by PCGS And NGC. This PR68 has been off the market since the early 1970’s. There is only one grading higher at PR69 and it must be a magnificent coin because the present offering is absolutely lovely.

     While the 1871 CC $20 Gold in PCGS AU53 may have a large supply of coins available for the grade, it is a well-known and popular rarity from the Carson City Mint, and this one comes with the CAC sticker. With only 17,387 originally minted, there are only seven coins certified in Mint State by both services and the highest graded is MS64. This date has seen lots of upward movement over the last several years as seen in the graph below.

$20 Gold 1871 CC

     The population reports for PCGS and NGC have made a major difference in how collectors acquire coins, making it easier to track the number of coins certified in specific grades. Collectors are using these population reports to find coins that are truly rare in today’s market. Common coins that are available in quantities will show a higher population, and where the populations for the grade begin to drop off determine true rarity.

     The results from Heritage Auctions first sale of 2015 should have far-reaching effects on the FMV for the rest of the year, and the softness that ended 2014 for more common coins will surely be overlooked with another successful FUN Show.

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