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Dealer wholesale trading levels for properly graded sight-seen  coins.

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Dealer wholesale trading levels for properly graded sight-unseen PCGS graded  coins.

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Dealer wholesale trading levels for properly graded sight-unseen NGC graded  coins.

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Dealer asking prices somewhat over wholesale  prices.

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Fair Market Value prices for  coins graded with a CAC  sticker.

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Fair Market Value prices for  coins graded with the Plus (+)  designation.

Numismatic Wholesale and Retail Values

Market, PCGS, NGC, FMV, CAC & Plus+ Prices for United States Rare Coins

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NumisMedia Weekly Market Report NumisMedia Weekly Market Report

Current News and Analysis of the

United States Rare Coin Market

Less Competition, Discounting for Rarities

May 13, 2024

       The Heritage Auctions Central States Sale included a superb run of Twenty-Cent pieces not commonly seen up for auction. Many of these lots were Proofs, some Cameo, with one incredibly rare Deep Cameo highlighted below. Most of these brought above current Market levels, but there were many other lots that sold for what seem to be bargain prices. One such case was the 1889 CC Morgan Dollar in PCGS MS64 DMPL; this coin sold for $138,000 against an FMV of $225,000. Another apparent bargain was the 1795 $10 Gold 13 Leaves in PCGS MS64+, realizing $600,000; a like example in the same grade brought $822,500 in 2019, another case in point of the vastly different market conditions.

       The market for nice original type coins, in the $10,000-$30,000 range, appears to be fairly strong with lots of bidding in this Heritage sale. However, $100,000+ rarities seem to be attracting fewer buyers at current levels, some being discounted rather heavily. There is money out there for rare coins, but it may be that bullion has taken some of the resources away from the top rarities that have been recently available in the market.

1877 Twenty Cent certified by PCGS PR66 Deep Cameo and CAC

The 1877 Twenty Cent had an original mintage of 510 coins, all Proof; while over two hundred of these have been certified as Proof or Cameo, only seven coins are certified in Deep Cameo. This PCGS PR66 Deep Cameo with the CAC approval has tremendous contrast and superb original patina, and it brought $132,000. This appears to be a record price for this date although there is an NGC PR67 listed in the Pop Report with no auction records.

1877 Twenty Cent PCGS PR66 Deep Cameo CAC

1877 Twenty Cent PCGS PR66 Deep Cameo CAC sold for $132,000 at Heritage Auctions Central States U.S. Coins Signature Auction in Dallas, Texas, May  8-12,  2024

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NumisMedia Market Report

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